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Compensation and Benefits

As an employer, we are looking to attract highly motivated and professional individuals who are dedicated to helping achieve Atlas SN’s missions all while looking to build their own ethos, character, and career.

We recognize you as a partner, not a worker, and we recognize the contribution you make to our continued success

Work and Life

We understand the importance of balancing your work and family life; after all, none of us are robots.

We know how it can get when you can’t focus at work because of everyday life problems. We’re here to help you overcome that in the best possible way while continuing to be productive in the workplace.

Performance Management

We’re here to offer you the tools to do your job in the best possible way. You control your career. Fair enough right? We don’t like to micromanage, nor do we think problems are a catastrophe. Everything can be overcome with a positive attitude and an open line of communication.

Each year, each employee’s performance is reviewed by the direct manager, where they both see if goals were reached and how to reach the next goals.

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